This is the easiest and most successful way of increasing your stock of Cephalotus. Early Spring is the only time that I find works - just before or as new growth appears to start.

When your plant has produced a few crown growing points, carefully remove it from the pot, trying as best you can not to lose any of the fluid out of the pitchers. I usually resort to cutting down the side of the pot with a strong pair of scissors. Keeping the plant upright, tease the compost away but do not wash away the compost from the roots.

Identify where the rhizome has branched and divide your plant according to each new crown of top growth - usually by snapping or cutting the rhizome depending on its thickness. Then repot in your usual compost mixture, water carefully from the top with a solution of tepid water and Superthrive - 4 drops per pint of water along with a fungicide or Trichoderma solution to settle the compost and place the pot in a semi-shaded, warm - 68F, humid - 70%, position until new growth appears. You are likely to lose some existing top growth but this will soon be replaced by new growth.