Pest attacks on Cephalotus seem to be remarkably few - aphids can infest new growth but are rarely a severe nuisance because Cephalotus is so hairy Scale insects on the other hand can be a severe problem along with mealy bugs as they seem to invade every part of the plants exterior where they can hide sapping the strength and vigour of the plant.
Sometimes the first symptoms of a scale attack can be the yellowing and withering of the whole plant along with sticky honeydew secretions and the resulting sooty mould - those affected leaves and pitchers will then die off but your plant should recover from the roots with the appropriate care.

All these pests can be dealt with by any non-aerosol spray systemic insecticide such as Provado Bug Killer applied at 2 week intervals until the problem clears up. Combine this, if possible, with a careful programme of hand picking off, especially scale insect, using a cocktail stick or tooth pick. Be careful not to get too much insecticide inside the pitchers.

Scale attack
Photo courtesy of Jeff Matteson

Cephalotus Follicularis - SoftScale
Cephalotus Follicularis - aphids
Cephalotus Follicularis - Mealybug

Scale insect

Mealy bug