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Cephalotus follicularis is found naturally growing only in S.W. Australia.

Cephalotus follicularis range of distribution is a 400km strip corresponding with the meso-mediterranean climate area of the extreme south west of Australia. It occurs from near Yallingup (lat 33degrees 39'S, long 115degrees 02'E), in an arc and within 50km of the coastline, to Cheyne Beach (lat 34degrees 53'S, long 118degrees 24'E) with a main distribution from Augusta (lat 34degrees 20'S, long 115degrees 09'E) 60km south of Yallingup, to Cheyne Beach.

Cephalotus are found growing on the edges of peat/sand bogs, in drainage ditches, in copses and even close to the sea, fed by freshwater seeping from the soil.

Cephalotus follicularis habitat area highlighted on map