Cephalotus Follicularis is an unusual plant which is difficult to place in any plant family. However, botanists have come to the following conclusions concerning its taxonomy:

CLASS: Magnoliatae
ORDER: Rosales
FAMILY: Cephalotaceae
GENUS: Cephalotus Follicularis (Labillardiere 1806)
COMMON NAME: Western Australian Pitcher Plant, Albany Pitcher Plant

The study of the distribution of the Rosales order shows that the ancestors of the Cephalotaceae probably had their origins in Africa. These must have spread to India and Australia before the formation of the Indian Ocean about 90-100 million years ago.

Although there is only one species of Cephalotus, there seem to be a few oddities that are grown.
"Giant" clones are available that produce pichers up to 8cms. There is also a clone that remains green even in full sun, as well as a clone whose side ribs (normally flat) are T shaped; this last one only a slight abnormality, but one which is reproduced in its offspring.

Cephalotus follicularis - M. Wilding