During the "spring time" of the year in its natural habitat, the plant produces a foliage type of leaf. This is usually oval, pointed, flat and a bright glossy green. The petiole (stalk) is also flat and fairly short and this keeps the leaves close to the centre of the plant. These leaves usually last a year, withering as the fresh crop is produced. The leaves can grow to 8cms or more but average around 3cms

Botanists feel that these are not leaves in the true sense of the word but are in fact failed pitchers which could not develop due to unfavourable conditions, i.e. they help in the photosynthesis of the plant when there is little insect life around for a pitcher type leaf to catch. This theory is possibly backed by the fact that on occasions the plant produces odd shaped "leaves" that have pointed projections and/or hollow cup shapes that have the appearance of primitive malformed pitchers.